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Turdy is a Free flight 3D air combat and action game set during the First World War.
The graphics and the gameplay are greatly inspired by the WW 1 aviation and weapons of
the era. The game is aiming to be highly detailed with all WW 1 airplanes. It will also
feature a lot of vintage WW 1 weapons. The gameplay includes speed, agility and
awesome combat maneuvers performed with WW 1 aircraft of the First World War. In-Flight
Controls for a smooth flying experience, a lot of achievements and fun way of combat.
The object of the game is to achieve the highest score possible by one of three different
routes to victory, by landing your plane on the ground and destroy your opponents.
Players are responsible for the damage they cause to enemy aircraft, both by using
fire, or by ramming their opponents. Players can choose to land their planes on a
battleground with missions, or just have fun flying around!
This game is free to play, however some game items can be purchased with virtual currency.
You can choose to use real money, or not, whenever you feel like it. If you don’t want
to use real money, there are more game items you can use as payment, like flight points,
or special items for the aircraft and the weapons.
Web Site:




Welcome to the most explosive multiplayer combat game — WW2 HELLBOY. Take advantage of endless and detailed missions and the possibility of a choice of different play modes. Hire powerful escort ships to your side, take part in lightning air battles or crawl underground to survive.
— 18 challenging campaign levels
— Realistic and spectacular air battles with WW 2


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Painkiller Resurrection features a completely new storyline and an immense amount of extra content, not just for the PC version, but for all platforms. A new, updated «painkiller 2.0 engine» with shader effects, weather systems, a superb physics engine, and ultra-fast netcode — including an anticheat system — brings gamers the Painkiller experience they remember and love, but in its most dynamic, detailed, and expansive form. Add a main scenario, a playable fictional world re-imagined from the ground up, a new set of weapons, several modded maps and customizable game modes, and support for the first time for all platforms: Painkiller Resurrection is the most compelling and rewarding shooter experience of all time.
The Story
After returning home from a lengthy ten-year stint in the CIA’s infamous «assassin academy» where he honed his skills to the finest of levels, Bill Sherman returned to his family home in his hometown of Santa Monica. However, his peaceful homecoming was rudely interrupted by the local druglord, a powerful and evil southern thug named La Torre, a puppet of the Colombian cartels.
Unfortunately, the planned and executed mission to eliminate La Torre turned into a fratricidal slaughter. When it was all over, Bill was shot in the back with C-4 by a flash-bang from a cartel’s private guard helicopter. However, Bill did not die right away, and his body was still lying half-dead in the hot summer sun for hours.
Incredibly, he actually survived and now found himself in a strange, medieval-influenced place that looks like an exaggerated vision of Dante’s Inferno. Given that, the grim afterlife’s most notorious haunts, he is offered an opportunity to make good the havoc he wrought using his quite special skills. And with weapons of course. Bizarre weapons. Crazy weapons.
Here’s what happens in the following chapters of the story:
Fate of the Soul
Will Bill’s soul be claimed in the afterlife, or will he have a chance to redeem himself? Find out soon enough. With awesome craftsmanship, classical paintings and a great selection of weapons, the chapter’s atmosphere will surprise you.
Reflections of Eternity
Explore the afterlife and search for answers. Experience the options and settings of the afterlife — a crazy, surrealistic vision of Hell!
Reflections of Fate
Game over? No chance — you’ll have to play again! Find out whether the record of your violent deeds will be


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— Gold-level soul foods- Add more powerful spells- Add more spells that grant turn-based attack and movement- Add unique handcrafted spells- Add unique special effects- New icons- New spell portraits- New spell abilities- New battle cinematics- More unique spells- More fantasy spells- More dog chomping- More vile threats- More gameplay impact- Improved spell and gem balance- Changed default passive button order- Increased the max level of high level players- Increased battle AI speed- Increased base damage- Decreased spell delay- Decreased the use of new attack gems- Deleted the game over screenshot- Added cosmetic weather effects- Added new music- Added system-wide profiler- More settings options- Improved UI design- Improved loading times- Improved battle UI- Improved adding items- Improved adding objects- Improved stacking animations- Improved spells progressionAucune date n’est fixée pour l’ouverture du bureau des Véloféos, qui devra être intégré dans le bâtiment de la Libération (7e) lors des travaux de la réfection du bâtiment, mais il sera ouvert au public le mois prochain.

Après plusieurs années de travaux, des dizaines d’années d’histoire récente, le grand hall au nord de la place de la Contrescarpe sera remplacé par un nouveau lieu d’accueil qui comprendra un grand hall, deux salles, une salle d’entraînement et un centre d’information sur les vélos et le transport en vélo.

Les différents espaces devront intégrer ces nouveaux espaces et offrir des espaces de déambulation et de réunion. L’accès au nouveau lieu sera facilité par les ponts et les couloirs dédiés au trambouillage, c’est-à-dire réservés à des voitures, à des bicyclettes et aux vélos.

Des salles d’audiences seront également ajoutées et remplacées par des salles d’interrogatoires. Un espace sera disponible pour


What’s new:

Black clothing — some of the finest in the world — that of the long dead Royal Pharaohs and their women, the creations of artisans who were descendants of earlier slaves, wrapped and named
by King Tut’s ceremonial architects, against God’s spoken counsel.

The cross of the earthly solar light upon the Green hills of Mount Zion. Also upon Jerusalem. Also upon ancient Egypt.

The cross of the earthly sun, not as the Glory of Jesus, but as He is projected here by humanity itself, on earth, in the very center of His global

Just as we have seen it before in the images of ancient Egypt in the dry lands, over and under and behind which rushes the wind and wind-changed Black Serpent Earth Serpent with her
Black Dragon, Lord of the Underground, Vegetation Beast, the subterranean breeze which flows beneath the flow of rivers, under the water, and in the streams of all of our Black World Civilization.

Also, the cross of the earthly sun, projects itself, just now, here, this Thursday, the 15th day of the 8th month of the year 2016, on the loose, mobile, running car software called,
«Google Maps».

As the Google Maps car is going around the world of all of humanity, the cross of the Solar light is also projected here, in the circle of the cross, on
Windows-PCs everywhere.

Also, upon the every-present-and-undeniable, overwhelming, unified purpose of the WHOLE SATAN, there is the cross of the solar light, by the ultimate, absolute, pivotal edge of the world’s Black Serpent Civilization.

Word was at first that the world’s peoples were going to mark this Solar day in the year 2014, but previously, when it was in the year 19X in the center of the Mandate of Isaiah,
from the Lord Himself, it was determined that the nations would be marking the moment in the year 2016, just as the Creator of the Ages had revealed unto them, and he had

We know that this is the day in which the planet earth is too close to a direct Earth-space viewing of sun, or to the mysterious central energy source which creates the
celestial realm, or whatever you may wish to call it.

This is a given fact of history, and…

There are few people who would ever deny that everything


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World after the zombie apocalypse is a grim place. You were born into it so you will have to struggle to survive and fight against many kinds of zombies, bandits and dangerous boss monsters. You will be taking important story quests and many side quests, level-up your skills and perks, sell and buy equipment and communicate with (un)lucky survivors.
Survival RPG and first person shooter
Walking Zombie 2 is good old FPS with story, tens of quests and a lot of shooting stuff with different weapons. Your main enemies are zombies who already control the world — they are everywhere, in many different kinds and — most importantly — in great numbers. You will be using guns with different ammo, grenades or melee weapons to dispose of them and you will be able to heal yourself with medkits and food. As you complete more and more quests, your character will become stronger with better equipment, enhanced skills and gained perks. Will you have more hitpoints, better chance when lockpicking locks or lower fuel consumption while driving across the world map?
Good old singleplayer post-apocalyptics FPS
Attractive modern polygon graphics style
Karma system — good and bad deeds open new options and encounters
Tens of story and side quests
Many weapons, protective gear and other equipment
Weapon skins
Vehicles and vehicle skins
Open-world locations around «Grind City»
Own and equip your own home
Variety of enemies — zombie walkers, bandits, huge boss mutants
Traders in settlements
Fun minigames and sniper mission
All this in Walking Zombie 2, the first survival post-apocalyptics FPS game!

Available on



A gripping and dramatic prequel to Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, The Mercenaries 3D: Manhunt follows the events of the Resident Evil 2 (1992) storyline from the perspective of a different group of characters.

Destiny from Bungie and the sequel, Destiny 2, have been released to much fanfare and critical acclaim.

A gripping and dramatic prequel to Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, The Mercenaries 3D: Manhunt follows the events of the Resident Evil 2 (1992) storyline from the perspective of a different group of characters.

After the outbreak of the Raccoon City bio-weapons explosion, other survivors have fled the city to the countryside where a mutant designated the «Pigs» has become the self-proclaimed leader of


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