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to get started, log on to okcupid and start by creating a completely new profile. your profile is what you post to the site. it’s what determines how other people see you, so https://squareblogs.net/beetlepeace54/best-dating-sites-for-women-2022-compare-bumble-winge-match-etcyou want to make sure that it conveys your best possible self in order for people to want to click on your profile picture. this is a perfect place to start, and it’s pretty easy to get your profile on point.

before you can match with any of okcupid’s sites, you’ll need to have an email address. once you have that, you can log in to your account and start browsing users. you can sort by age, gender, location, and a huge range of other categories, which helps you narrow down your options to see what’s available in your area.

you can also check out okcupid’s buddies feature, which allows you to set up a single friendship with another okcupid user, so you can keep talking to each other in case the guy or girl you’re talking to starts dating someone else. it’s a great way to do an informational blind date.

most of the okcupid categories have a search bar, so you can type in criteria that will help you weed out the men or women who aren’t right for you. for example, i use that feature to find men who have the same interests as me. that way, i don’t waste my time with people who don’t share the same passions as i.

you can also view who has viewed your profile in your area, and it will show you a list of people who have checked out your profile. you can see each person’s age, gender, relationship status, and other personal details. you can even see who they’ve talked to on okcupid and visit their profiles at the same time.


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