Anestesiologia De Morgan Pdf Gratis

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Anestesiologia De Morgan Pdf Gratis


Anestesiologia De Morgan Pdf Gratis

This is the updated version of my older question of «is a 50/50 shot worse than an 80/20 shot in terms of risk of damage in the event that the 50% fails?»
See the answer there as well.
Anyway, short answer:
in general, the worst of it is worse.
The following is a very rough calculation (not compiled by me) based on % chance of failure and % chance of damage. I’ll deal with the latter in a moment.
You are much more likely to roll a 5, 10 or 20 than anything else.
Average number of attempts for that roll: ~9.
Average number of attempts for a 10: ~.9 (if you fail, you can repeat that roll, but will have to roll again)
Average damage with 5’s: 100 average damage with 10’s: 3 average damage with 20’s: 2.
As a result, the worst of it is worse.
For the second question, there are no bad rolls, simply bad results.
So you’re better off rolling a 1-3 (chance of damage) then rolling a 4-6.
If you can roll better than that, you can roll better with lower odds.
This deals with hypothetical damage from your bullets, but it applies to almost all situations in which you have to use force (including fighting, x-ray tech,…)
Now let’s look at the second question you mention, what is the damage from dealing with an accident?
There are 3 possible outcomes of a not-so-bad accident:

Damage (sometimes big, sometimes small).

Always successful is the safest approach, because you always avoid damage.
Defeating an opponent is an acceptable loss, as you’re doing a good job.
Dealing damage with your firearm is an acceptable loss, as you’re doing a good job.
Failure to defeat an opponent, or deal damage to an opponent (or to yourself) is unacceptable, because you’re not doing a good job.
This does not necessarily mean you have to roll the best possible result.
As a general rule, if you encounter very rare outcomes, it’s a sign that you don’t have enough information.
If you encounter extremely frequent outcomes, it’s a sign that you have so much information that you can do much more with it.
In the case of your problem, you have knowledge of what kind of

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