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This year, FIFA’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) is smarter in its tackling, a new kicking mechanic sees players perform differently when they are on the back-foot, players will show some aggression when they break through the defensive line, different AI patterns for using “potential” when counter-attacking and new defensive responses to non-linear movements.

Live Events

The new skill game Create a Player mode lets players create their own player using created player models. The created player models are also available in real-time on social media and can be customized by fans. Using Create a Player, you will be able to select different attributes (body type, hair and skin color, playing style and more) to help create your own custom player model. Players can also be customized with skills, kits and more.

Post Match

In Post Match, you can watch a player’s FUT 22 pass animations, enjoy a post-match analysis of key events in the match, and save the match to watch offline later.

Goal Line App

This year, FIFA 12 is coming to the Goal Line App. The Goal Line App gives you the ability to convert any goal from around the world into your goal line so that you can watch that goal online for free. The Goal Line App will work with a free FIFA 12/Goal Line App License, and can be found via Xbox One app stores.

Above: View your FIFA goals in your Xbox One app store

Lifetime Gold Memberships

This year, EA Sports will give Lifetime Gold memberships to the first 50 million players to purchase FIFA 12. Lifetime Gold memberships are valid for all platforms and services and is included in all FIFA 12 digital purchase options.

When you purchase FIFA 12, you’ll be able to play the game in “my FIFA”, which will automatically assign all of your saved games to your new FIFA 12 account, letting you continue playing your existing saves.


FIFA 12 will be released worldwide on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms on August 28.package

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Features Key:

  • FIFA 22 introduces best-in-class gameplay, a new engine and «HyperMotion Technology.»
  • “Keepers” have arrived on the pitch as Pro-Keeper now allows you to keep and play passes, playing out from the back.
  • Combined with a balanced Team of the Season, create your own Ultimate Team and make it one that rivals the greatest clubs in the world.
  • Train your players in all conditions, even in snowy weather.
  • New defence-oriented passing skills, new recoveries.
  • A new “Over the Top” tackling mechanic allows you to recover from tackles, blocking the ball from moving behind you.
  • Full 3D Touch for accuracy and control, and improved Game Intelligence: move, pass, shoot, dribble and shoot more precisely with more precise animations and Player Intelligence that identifies and reacts to the ball.
  • Enter the infamous “SBC Zone” to deal damage and score – kick the ball and do damage to other players.

RB Leipzig in FIFA 22:

  • The club opens in RB Leipzig in FIFA 22.
  • FIFA 22 introduces “Create a League” – a new feature that offers you the opportunity to customize your own league of peers and compete against them.


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FIFA is the world’s most popular sports video game, and, as the official videogame of the FIFA brand, EA SPORTS FIFA 13, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, FIFA 16, FIFA 17, FIFA 18, FIFA 19, FIFA 20 and FIFA 21.

FIFA also distributes soccer video game software worldwide through its wholly owned subsidiary EA Sports, which also distributes EA SPORTS UFC, EA SPORTS NHL, EA SPORTS Madden NFL, Battlefield™ and Peggle 2™. The Electronic Arts logo, EA, FIFA and EA SPORTS are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

In FIFA, you take control of a team of real-world athletes and build your dream squad from more than 30,000 real players. Real-world leagues and competitions, including the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League, and top-ranked clubs from around the world ensure an authentic soccer experience. As you play through FIFA’s many game modes, you make decisions that impact your club’s career mode, League and Cup seasons, international competitions, and eventually the result of the real-world Premier League, Bundesliga, Copa del Rey, FA Cup, MLS, and DFB-Pokal.

Join the community now! Visit the FIFA Website to learn more.

To learn more about the FIFA game, visit the FIFA website to check out the latest news, read our review of the latest football game or ask questions at the official FIFA blog, or follow FIFA on Twitter.

EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Crack Keygen features many gameplay innovations, many more ways to play and engage with the world’s best players and FIFA Team™. EA SPORTS Fifa 22 Full Crack introduces several new modes, including:

(1) UEFA Champions League: The all-new UEFA Champions League mode returns in FIFA 22 with a fully-featured experience that is tailored to the core football gamer, while introducing new controls and features for casual and new gamers

The all-new UEFA Champions League mode returns in FIFA 22 with a fully-featured experience that is tailored to the core football gamer, while introducing new controls and features for casual and new gamers (2) UEFA Europa League: EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features the UEFA Europa League with the return of Squad Battles, and other new modes

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features the UEFA Europa League with the return of Squad Battles, and other new modes (3) FIFA Ultimate Team: The world’s first ever totally connected FUT mode, now comes to the real world,


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Discover and purchase over 10,000 cards featuring real world stars and create a squad of the best footballers around the globe. Customise them with a range of attributes and items, use their unique skills and attributes to create the best team, then prove it on the pitch and use your squad to dominate online.

New Ways to Play in Online Leagues – Challenge your friends in the new Leagues, Conference Leagues and League play mode, which features Instant Matchplay and True Team Tactics, and play competitively against random opponents in the online Copa Libertadores and Champions League.

Soccer Skills II – The award-winning award-winning “Soccer Skills II” (previously “Thinking Outside the Box” in FIFA 19) returns to FIFA 22 with a host of new feature-enhancements including the introduction of speed, accuracy, and force to create flexible player movements, and new goals in game dynamics. Players can now accelerate their run-up using the right stick, and perform a powerful 50-meter dribble with the left stick, while players no longer need to look down and aim into a wall to use their reverse kick. FIFA 22 will also introduce a new “Pivot-To-Dribble” feature that allows players to perform a powerful 50-meter dribble. For the first time, a player can dribble in direct opposition to an opponent’s forward movement, switching between players to maintain the momentum of his run, as if dancing.

New Play Styles – Become creative and dominate your next FIFA match with new ways to interact with the ball. Unique new coaching cards help unlock new play styles with 12 new Play Styles including an enhanced 5v5 and End-to-End play styles. The famous 2v2 X-Factor Play Style returns in FIFA 22 with new X-Factor cards that can be used when paired with the right players, and the new Focus System allows you to control the key moments of a match with an extensive focus system.

Details on FIFA Mobile: FIFA 20 Originals are only available for a limited time. To find out how to qualify for a FIFA 20 Origin Code, check out our FIFA Mobile Facebook Page.

A day after releasing the Info Trackers for the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018, FIFA Mobile fans have already discovered their own unique theme for the June 14 reveal of the next generation of FIFA Mobile content with the Info Trackers for FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014. New unique versions of


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • 15 new teams featuring new kits and stars including Barcelona, Liverpool, Manchester City and Napoli.
  • FIFA 22 introduces six leagues including the Australian A-League, and Spanish La Liga, EPL, Primeira Liga, Liga MX and Ligue 1. These leagues are supported by the authentic team kit and badge designs of real-world clubs.
  • New presentation and new crowd. In-game stadium presentation graphics, new support banner, main stand banners and team names created by EA.
  • Brand new crests representing 72 clubs around the world and new football weapons to show off your lethal striking skills.
  • Speed up gameplay to deliver intense high-speed collisions. Direct Pass, an attacking playmaking tool that allows players to switch positions and receive the ball in a moment of speed and space.
  • Face off technology, changing the physics of real-life football interactions by bringing the players closer together, increasing the intensity on the ball, and impacting the outcome of your battles.


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Created exclusively for this generation of consoles, FIFA is more than just a sports title — it’s the world’s premier gaming experience. With FIFA, you can play and connect like never before:

Face a dynamic, intelligent opponent on the pitch and attack using your personalized ‘Team of the Moment’, or calm the game down and capture lightning-fast penalty takers and expert backheelers.

EA SPORTS ‘Pro Player Skills’ offer new and more varied ways to score, with more control over all moves and actions on the pitch.

Five all-new shooting stances and «stick-and-move» moves that mirror real-world shooting techniques will allow players to play their way.

FIFA ‘PLAY CAUSE’ will allow you to embody the athlete you love and compete against opponents like your Dad.

A brand new game engine brings new levels of realism and detail to your matches — every action your player makes now leaves a footprint in the game.

Create your own fantasy team, or play as one of the real-world favorites and compete against FIFA’s renowned EA SPORTS™ Pro Clubs.

All the new features of FIFA are showcased in its three new-gen game modes:

FIFA 14 — FIFA’s most authentic experience.

What’s New in FIFA?

FIFA 22 delivers the following key updates and improvements on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platform.

Player Movement

Elasticity – Tackle, intercept and control the ball better

Instant acceleration – Quickly accelerate to better control the ball

Rotation – More sensitive and accurate control.

New Performance System

Better anticipation – Specially designed AI to anticipate players’ movements on the ball and beat them off with quicker reactions

Better momentum – More realistic momentum when the players are out of control of the ball

Technical Ability

Improved Pro Player Traits — Five additional Traits including Accuracy, Strength, Dribble Speed, Accuracy Power and Spin Accuracy.

Simplified Skill Traits – Skill Traits such as Speed, Strength, Agility, Stamina and Precision are now only modified by maximum Trait rating

Pace of Skill Traits – Dynamically modified by the game so that the more physical player has more dynamic, precise and faster movements

Improved Momentum — Players are more likely to control the ball and pass to others, especially in tight spaces


Improved mobility – Players are better suited to


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