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Sword of Rapier is a 2D action RPG with a top-down view. Reach the top of the 18 floors in the sky!
Get enough stars for a heart piece, and all your attacks would be strengthened.
Perform further strong attacks by increasing the combo.
As you grow more powerful, the enemy’s attack would become stronger.
As you get closer to the final boss, the attack would become more and more powerful.
Bonus after every boss battle!
-Find different cards to increase your score.
-More than 20 types of cards, so you can use it any time without any reservations.
-Perfect your skills by performing famous combos.
-Gradually increase your combo!
-The special enemy would require your strategy.
-Discover boss’s weakness by obtaining cards and upgrading your skills.
-All skills can be learned easily because of easy to understand skill descriptions.
-Use combo strategy to defeat the bosses.
-Different tools are available in each floor. Let’s finish all the floors.
-Perform special attacks with combo skill.
-Used special attacks as launch pads for the combo.
-It can be easily accessed when you are in the lop-side view.
-The new combo would be added to each floor.
-Gather all the parts of the combo and perform at the final floor.
Explore the city with your eye, so all your skills can be gathered. Clear all floors, and clear all parts.
Play to enjoy!
Recommended Unity version: 2017.1.0f3
Incompatible with Unity Pro — edit the jar and change version for unity pro.

Welcome to the Eggserd…
More gammings will come!
Word Count is 9949.
Made with Unity 4.6.2f1
Do you want to support this and get another free game in return?

Welcome to the Eggserd…
More gammings will come!
Word Count is 5984.
Made with Unity 4.6.2f1
Do you want to support this and get another free game in return?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Soar high in the sky: Rapier Action
Brilliant attack from the slender rapier!
Defeat the enemies everywhere in the sky!
Soar high into the sky, a new style action RPG.
«Sword of Rapier» is born!


Features Key:

  • Adventures and types
  • Fighter 1 OR 2
  • Requirements of the game :
    Adventures: only if they are a block you can move with
    More fighters you use less diferences because you stand at the position of 1 fighters

  • Fighting is allowed until you land 4 touch attacks or 7 missing (included STORE)
  • A true 3D world with interactive OBJ files included
  • Realism modes (to be released on CUTE )
  • Complete ADVENTURE mode: a adventure where you can train and fight
  • More to be added when I think about stuff 🙂
  • Bug fixes and changes done when needed 😛
  • Like I said the primary character of the game are Knights of Nergal and knights sergius 1. It’s easier to see knights when you have three characters (as in the tower in the background) but it’s optional, a normal world without it is a normal world without the knights 😉
  • Selected Knight if you’re on a quest or just with a «white mage»
  • AC + CoC and takes damage of weapons
  • Air attack and mobility
  • Movement speed of selected knight
  • A test dungeon and giant dungeon is included
  • Basic tutorial (glitch with my tutorial work)
  • Sound effects and musics included with the game
  • Character count and META.INI file included
  • Nergal: more spells like fire & lightning, poison, enemy control, guard and more.
  • Your main weapon can be a bow, also you can use any weapon, mainly an sword.
  • Most other weapons in the game are used by characters.
  • Complete moon cycle, night time is appropiate for everything.
  • Permadeath
  • Better graphicnes features included and more than half of them are optional.
  • more big world, currect of two big worlds included, we just need more room 😉
  • ORIGINAL scripts and graphics (yeah, like when the game was born…).
  • Free to use whatever engine you want to build the game on. Might be for example the engine I’ll use for the tower and what not. But you can use your own engine too.


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    Why you should buy the game
    Fostered by the award winning Euorpean company Dragoon Games, “First Feudal” is the epic story of a world on the brink of Civil War. In First Feudal, the player must step into the role of a young Knight in service of the crown. From the moment you first set foot on the field, you will fight your way through the ranks of an army on the brink of rebellion. The quest for glory in the court of your King awaits.
    What is new in v1.6.4
    Additional iron golems, a new player profile, a new skill tree, and more.
    Dragoon Games
    MAY 31, 2015
    1.6.4: Improve the combat AI
    The new AI system should help you be more agile and more efficient when it comes to combat.
    Combat has been improved and you will now be able to defend yourself if your weapon is blocked. Several improvements have also been made to the AI when it comes to crafting and sword/shield techniques.
    Additionally, we fixed a problem with the Taebir arrow.
    Major Battle Improvements
    We improved the following:
    . You can now fight guards!
    . Guards can attack you, defend against attacks, evade your attacks.
    . Guards will make more noise when they attack.
    . Guards will naturally attack the player if they can
    . Guards will avoid placing a lot of shields around the player.
    . Guards will not be able to attack you if you are under a shield.
    . You can now order the guards to defend against players in any direction.
    . Guards will avoid attacking you if they are too close to you.
    . Guards will not attack you if they are too far away from you.
    . Guards will attack you if you are too close or too far away.
    . Guards will attack you if you try to attack them.
    . Guards will attack you if you attack them.
    . Guards will attack you if you are at weapon range.
    . Guards will not attack you if they are under shield.
    . Guards will only attack you if you attack them.
    . Guards will avoid attacking you if you block.
    . Guards will avoid attacking you if you evade.
    . Guards will avoid attacking you if they are too close to you.
    . Guards will attack you if you flee.
    . Guards will not attack you if you flee.
    . Guards will not attack


    First Feudal

    A new fantasy RPG game with an immersive and intuitive combat system and deep gameplay.Anime First Video:
    I’m a dungeon master at heart, which is probably a different style of game.
    The Banner Saga, is an action-adventure RPG set in a bleak post-apocalyptic Norse world. You control one of the main characters, and can only control your party and your own actions. You can visit locations, fight enemies, and complete quests, and the world changes around you in response to your decisions. You can run, jump, fight, and talk. However, it takes a lot of caution to stay alive and well.
    For this project, I kept the Norse world with the dark art and color.
    The main character is two dimensional and black and white, yet seems full of life and emotion.
    Characters all have a distinctive expression that varies from strong to weak.
    The overall mood is dark, grey, and difficult.
    I’m working on making the game more interactive for more direct player control. The game has a medieval feel to it, but with technical elements modern.
    The characters have 12-18 different animations that vary with your choices and actions. The game is set to have many side quests that will effect the world in different ways. For example, you can trade for weapons and armor, or buy weapons and armor for gold.
    The game is being created with a two button mouse, though in the final product it may be touch or stylus.
    The music is simple with gentle melodies, however I try to have a dramatic impact with many dynamic chords in between.
    The graphics are in black and white, but the character designs and environment color are very vibrant and bright. The world is not flat and dry, but rather a beautiful, mystical world.
    The combat system is very intuitive and easy to understand. The player can choose from a variety of actions on the fly.
    There are lots of fights and battles, but you can quickly build strategies for your party by observing enemy weakness and patterns. For example, one enemy will be vulnerable when they are close, another will attack their magic and items, another will attack your armor, and one might attack while the others are in melee.
    The player is given the option to fight alone, or with one to four companions that follow your commands. I want this to feel like two players, but really is one-player with four options. I have already


    What’s new in First Feudal:


      « • Elections sometimes lead to French and Dutch Nationalism · Contemporary elections have become foreign affairs. · It takes a little Historic revisionist historian to see today’s elections through the eyes of the past. France (again) · sees Germans, in French-occupied Belgium, as invaders. · • •


      As the Middle Age Fronde warms up over the battleground of Heaven and Earth, it is on the verge of breaking out into the world with various states fighting each other for personal power or the personal whim of some family member or friend. Likewise, we get the beginnings of a real-world «Wizard of Oz» story. France’s foreign policy is colored by folk memories of Germans who, for French backers of the Catholic cause, invaded and took over their country in 1870, and they rally to fight German interventionism and Germany’s support of enemies of the Catholic Church. Under the guidance of statesmen like Talleyrand and now in the eyes of the people, the Catholic Church is attacked for the sins of Laplace, Papal power is consolidated, and colonial possessions returned to faith-oriented Catholic states. In the politics that govern France, religion has an obvious power, usually unaccompanied by any other interests.

      As the Anglo-American world sees no particular threat to its social basis, whether in capitalism or Protestantism, the giant of Liberal philosophy is busy with problems at home, not abroad, and his church has some domestic policies that are about as controversial as the wafer in the communion host. The French have always had a de facto policy of support of the Confederacy in the Civil War, from the days of Napoleon. The church meanwhile, is training the world’s first generation of giant bureaucrats.

      The French see their historical enemies in men like the Guelph kings of the Romans and the surviving House of Capet in Anjou, Naples, and Sicily. The Guelphs, poets like Guido delle Colonne and more Machiavels like Peter the Venerable or Tancrède, would put forwards the arguments against feudalism as «atomism» and point out that the Princes were harming their own people as well as their peasants by possessing state power. In order to stabilize and expand the state power of the state and keep people under the control of the monarch, they proposed giving the nobles certain rights that they themselves had long enjoyed, the right to justice and immunity from punishment. This institution, magist


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    2 or more of the following:
    Processor: Intel Core i7-8700
    AMD Ryzen 7
    Storage: 4 GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD R9 290 or better
    Sound Card: 5.1 surround sound
    Additional Notes:


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