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Flyff Auto Attack Bot Download ((HOT))

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Flyff Auto Attack Bot Download

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Atomically locking a.txt file in java

I have a.txt file that I am reading from and writing to at the same time in a multithreaded program. Before I had the counter thread I was using which seems like it has race conditions in it (seems). I’d like to see if I can get something that won’t let this happen by locking the file somehow.
So, is there any way I could lock the file or otherwise stop it from writing to it if another thread is writing to it?
My app does already have some threads where some threaded code is going to be able to be changed and I need some of them to be locked out.


Create an object to lock the text file, create a private or protected locking method, and put the code inside that method.
I assume you already have code that creates the file object and loads it.
The inner block of code then would have something like:
Object lock;
lock = file;
if (lock!= null) {
while(!lock.tryLock()) {
// do waiting stuff
try {
// do changing stuff here
} finally {
if(lock!= null) {


Each thread in Java needs to have a unique id, generally.
Without knowing what/how you are currently doing:

When creating a thread, you should initialize a ThreadLocal variable (ThreadLocal.setInitialValue(null)) and then each time you create a thread set the value to be the current thread id.
From within the Thread, cast your current ThreadLocal to the appropriate type (java.lang.ThreadLocal) and then do whatever is done when the Thread is started.

That said, if you are ok with using separate files for each thread’s input/output you can use the FileInputStream/FileOutputStream methods for each thread.
Here’s one example implementation:
import java.

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