HD Online Player (kamasutra 3d Hindi Movie World##BEST## Free4u)

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HD Online Player (kamasutra 3d Hindi Movie World##BEST## Free4u)



HD Online Player (kamasutra 3d Hindi Movie Worldfree4u)

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Dictionary.ContainsKey and Dictionary.TryGetValue

You will find an excerpt from my code in the following example and the source can be viewed on GitHub
The problem
I am trying to check whether or not a hash table contains a value for a key but to my surprise, I get unexpected results.
The code:
Dictionary tree = new Dictionary();
int key = 42;
TestObject result = tree.ContainsKey(key)? tree[key] : new TestObject();

result.Value is either null (Tree was empty and ContainsKey was called) or it is a new TestObject (Hash table was already modified).
The question
Why is TryGetValue returning true and ContainsKey returning false in this context?
It seems the problem is in the implementation of the ContainsKey method and it is not completely removing the key from the hashtable. I have created a GitHub project which is a good implementation of ContainsKey.


The problem is that ContainsKey returns true for any non-null key, so the subsequent call to TryGetValue has nothing to do with that.
You will need to call Remove to make the key really be removed.
BTW, you can do something like
var result = tree.TryGetValue(key, out TestObject result);

just as a simplified way to express that.


An alternative and more generic approach
You can use the TryGetValue method of the IDictionary class. It works with keys that doesn’t exist in the dictionary, but it will return null as a default value.
TestObject value = tree.TryGetValue(key, out result);

See more about TryGetValue here


C# Dictionary.ContainsKey and Dictionary.TryGetValue

As for the Dictionary class, it does not have built-in functionality for this. You could use the ContainsKey method to check for the presence of the specified key in the Dictionary, but it does not remove the key if it is present. That is left up to the implementer.
You could write your own class that does what you want, but the Dictionary class assumes that it has no need to remove keys. I would guess that


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