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Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness puts you in the shoes of one of three different characters with a unique story and back-story, as you delve deep into a fantasy world full of exotic items and characters that you can use to unravel the mystery of your travel.

The story of the game is a collection of historical tales, which have been carefully blended in a medieval universe and are connected together by the protagonist as well as the player by means of clues, which you can investigate using your magical objects. That is, your sword, which you can use to attack foes and run, interact with the environment, and pick up items, and your magic wand, which you can use to interact with characters and the environment, as well as to perform ritualistic spells. With all that, you can scan runes to get hints and read notes, and find a variety of items and clues to unlock doors and advance the story.

Our universe is rich and full of fascinating details. You can be a merchant or a bandit, a historian or a legendary warrior, an elf or a human… The lore of this world is varied and unique, and that is just a glimpse of the life on the land of Dekain.

The game has received acclaims from both professional reviewers and general gaming websites. If you haven’t given the demo a try yet, why don’t you give it a chance? The time you spend on it won’t be wasted.

A fully non-linear and non-linear game, in a mystical universe and with a suspenseful plot, Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness has been produced by a small indie team with the purpose of bringing players the sense of discovery and adventure, thanks to the use of a wide array of gameplay elements such as point-and-click puzzles, turn-based and non-turn-based combat, and stealthy action.

Features of Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness

• First Person 3D Point-and-click Non-linear Game

Battle Mages: Sign of Darkness has a first person view, which means that you control the camera during the entire game and you have access to your inventory.

Take a look at the screenshots and you’ll be able to figure out that your view is 3D and that everything is rendered as if it was happening in front of you.

In many ways, this approach gives the player a feeling of being present in the world, and being able to observe your


The Fragment Features Key:

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    Uber will launch its self-drive service in India in a bid to dominate the country’s $20-billion ride-hailing market, top source tells NDTV’s Arnab Goswami

    Uber’s self-drive will give the company an edge over its rivals in India, though it’s facing challenges from locals who oppose this kind of service. (Representative Image)

    Like this story, share it with millions of investors on M3

    Uber will launch its self-drive service in India in a bid to dominate the country’s $20-billion ride-hailing market, top source tells NDTV’s Arnab Goswami

    Uber’s self-drive will give the company an edge over its rivals in India, though it’s facing challenges from locals who oppose this kind of service.

    New Delhi:

    It is 2018 and self-driving cars are not just a possibility in the distant future, they have arrived, top executives from Uber have said in a recent interview with NDTV.

    It was just five years ago, when an Uber driver hit a woman sitting in a bicycle rickshaw. The woman died in the impact, and the current crop of self-driving cars is believed to have played a key role in saving her life.

    Uber has often boasted that it


    The Fragment Crack + Download PC/Windows

    Dream Daddy is a philosophical, interactive and introspective text adventure game in which the player assumes the role of a troubled five year old boy. In a mysterious place called the Daddy Game, children share their deepest desires with dream daddies. Rejected by his father, who left him on Christmas Day, the player ventures through a rambling house in search of his father. As he explores his father’s house, he is confronted with a series of puzzle-based challenges which involve both relationships and life philosophy. Key Features:
    o A twist on the Monkey Island genre, which combines sublime graphics with a unique point-and-click interface.
    o A deeply moral, meditative and introspective experience.
    o One of the most beautiful games of 2014.
    o The English translation is faithful to the French original.

    Speaking of which, it is my absolute pleasure to present you, dear reader, with a snippet from my explorations into the world of Dream Daddy, courtesy of a little internet research on the topic:

    Dream Daddy is the story of a five-year-old boy whose father left him for being a poor excuse for a father. As the protagonist, you must visit a dream world where you can either play or explore, depending on your desired mood. In this world, you’ll be met by characters who are used as interpretations of parental relationships. Accepting or rejecting the characters’ interpretations will ultimately determine what type of world you see in the game’s end. You will be required to make split-second decisions about these characters. Your actions in each world affect your interactions with the characters in subsequent areas. There is no right or wrong, although, sadly, wrong decisions can have consequences. As you make decisions you’ll be influenced by the choices you’ve made in previous interactions. There are 14 endings to play through, depending on your choices. There are different endings for each type of relationship you’ve formed with the characters. You can’t re-enter areas until you finish the current playthrough, although you can select an alternate ending if you fail the game. There are no warnings, no text, no cheats, and no dialogue to help you play through. The only clues to solving puzzles are in some of the areas, but you’ll be expected to play through the story and see some of the important gameplay mechanics for yourself.

    Dream Daddy is an interactive personal story, so one must think about


    The Fragment Crack

    I have a new project where I’m trying to combine survival with humor, and this game is a step in that direction. I’m very proud of what I’ve managed to come up with and I hope you like it as well!

    You are Ryan, a pizza delivery boy, who lives in a world where everything is a little bit too normal. One day, you discover that life as you know it is all wrong. There are monsters in the streets, an entire civilization has been wiped out, and the few people who remain live in constant fear. No place is safe as the outbreaks of zombies and monsters keep getting worse. Join Ryan as he tries to survive in this hostile new world where you scavenge for resources, gather up useful supplies and use your wits to do whatever it takes to keep yourself and your loved ones alive.
    It’s a 2D point and click game where you can select and perform different actions in the game’s world.

    The game features an optimized sprite design and a brand new, beautifully detailed environment.

    [quote name=’Sam’ timestamp=’1388847425′ post=’1′]
    Please don’t be the generic, boring, 2D zombie apocalypse game. If you think it’s a good idea…no, don’t make it more of the same. This is a good idea that should be turned into something special.

    He’s right. Anything more like that already made game should be burned instead of given a remake with all the same assets and a copy and paste plot.

    Ok I got it. I just watched the new Walking Dead episode and tried to put myself back into the show. You got Zombies out there, a lame survivor, a tight group of friends, and some scary people in the streets. This game is the Zombie Apocalypse as it should be. The only thing that feels really unrealistic is the disappearing trees after you get hit by the zombie.
    I still don’t know if I want to be a zombie or a survivor. I might just be some in-between character.

    Edit: The map option is still not working.
    Edit 2: I am new to Android, but I think the map works now. Please, tell me if not. I haven’t tried it yet.
    Edit 3: I couldn’t find this on the App Store, but it is here and it’s free.

    [quote name=’Takko’ timestamp=’1388857891′ post=’3′]


    What’s new in The Fragment: