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The TinDinTray application was designed to be the most useful application ever created for the Windows platform, well, at least one of them. TinDinTray shows the current day of month on the system tray (next to the clock). Besides the aforementioned mother of all necessities, you can also use it to keep notes and set alarms.







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TinDinTray Cracked Version is a completely free product that is here to make your life easier. With this small application, you can keep track of your appointments, view the current day, view the date and day of the week, plus many other useful features.
The application is very simple to use, and is very user friendly. It consists of a single application window that you can double-click on from the system tray, and it will open to bring up the information you need.
TinDinTray Requirements:
1) You will need to have Windows XP installed on your computer. (But, it should be no problem installing it if you have any older versions of windows on your system already.)
2) You will need at least 3 megabytes of free hard disk space.
TinDinTray Screenshot:
Currently, there is no working update to TinDinTray. If you find that it is still not working, please contact the author, Ryan.
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The tinDinTray application allows users to change their desktop background to a random picture and to have a daily alarm reminder.
You can also customize your tray icons to make them stand out from the standard solid color icons.
• Customizable tray icons.
• Random background.
• Alarm reminder.
• Day of the week indication.
• User definable or system timer.
• All program data is stored in the registry (if there is enough free space available).
• (Only for Windows 10 Version 2004 and above).
• Computer selection mode: The application will make computer based selection, once you close it down, it will start up on the next boot.
• Task manager integration.
• Startup list integration.
• Startup list is stored in the registry (if there is enough free space available).
System Requirements:
• Any version of Windows.
• Internet connectivity required.
• Microsoft Silverlight 5.1: The application requires the «Internet option» to be checked on the programs «General» tab.
• Windows Firewall, Windows Defender, and Spybot Security all need to be disabled for the application to run properly.
• EFI-enabled PC’s with GPT partition scheme (c:\) and a system partition (c:\system) have to be used.
The application offers the ability to have custom skins. Go to the «Customize» sub-menu.
If you download the skins, open the zip files. After you unzip them, the skins folder will be in the main directory and the skins file (skin.ini) will be in the hidden directory. Then launch the TinDinTray application and select «Customize». If you don’t do this, it will show the default skin.
Report bugs:
Please submit bugs at the AppBrain website.
Want to view the source code for TinDinTray? You can view it online here.
1. Run the unzipped application.
2. Select «Customize».
3. Click «Change Background».
4. Choose the file you wish to use as your background.
5. Click «Apply Background».
6. Click «Apply».
7. You have to set the folder you want to save the skins too. If you click «Apply» the folder will be

What’s New In?

TinDinTray is a program for Windows that emulates a tray clock with the days of the week, which shows the current day and time.

TinDinTray Features:
— Choose the day of the week by clicking the combo box on the right.
— Set alarms by adding them to the alarm tray.
— Keep notes by adding them to the note tray.
— To set or reset the date, press the «i» button on the bottom right and select «Set date», then choose the day of the month.
— Use the scroll window to choose the month of the year.
— A magnifying glass icon on the right side of the combo box control, opens a preview of the day.
— Clicking the white arrow icon, moves the calendar forward, and clicking the black arrow icon moves it back.

TinDinTray Requirements:
Windows 2000 or XP and upwards.
1.25 MB.

GettinDinTray Description:

GettinDinTray is a program for Windows that uses the same nice features as the app above, but it uses a GUI to allow a whole lot of things to be more easily accomplished. It supports any number of tasks and it is extremely easy to use.

There is a handy window to change the background of the taskbar that you can set it to a number of colour schemes to make it much more user friendly. It has a feature that allows you to set how many days ahead or behind you want the date to show, which really makes it a very handy tool.

Setting alarms in GettinDinTray is just as easy as it was for TinDinTray and you can add them to the toolbar for easy access.


Finally, here is a great tool for anyone who needs to use a calendar or a schedule. A calendar format that allows you to add multiple instances of items with a nice little box on the side, so it is quite easy to organise your time.

GettinDinTray Features:
— Set the time or hour of the day.
— Click the «Next» button to see the next day of the week, or «Back» to see the previous one.
— Click the day of the week to change it.
— Click the grey box in the top right corner, and you can choose all or part of the current month to see the settings


System Requirements:

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Mac OS X 10.5 — 10.9
Android 2.3 or later
Gamepad Controller Compatibility:
Windows & Mac
— Logitech Wireless Gamepad F310 / F510
— Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
— XBox 360 Wireless Gamepad F310 / F510
— XBox 360 Wireless Gamepad F710
— PS3 Dual Analog Controller
— Xbox 360 Dual Analog Controller
— Dual Shock 3
— OnLive Controller


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